Get your lips in shape!

Lip Chaser is a delicious liquid candy chaser that gets you kissing after every shot. The kissing candy is easily applied to your lips like any gloss or balm. Once it's on, your friend will take a shot and kiss the Lip Chaser right off of your lips (or vice versa). Thus your LIPS are the CHASER. It's amazing how those luscious lips will kill the taste of any shot. Just remember: the better the kiss, the better the chaser!

Lip Chaser started with an impromptu kiss in the kitchen after a shot of vodka. Years of hand-wringing research has since led us to the shocking  conclusion that people really enjoy shots and random make-outs, so we created a product that puts two of our favorites into one exciting packet.

Enjoy! And thank us later.


Lip Chaser Step 1 Apply
Lip Chaser Step 2 Drink
Lip Chaser Step 3 Chase

STEP 1: One person applies.
STEP 2: One person drinks.
STEP 3: The drinker kisses the chaser! VOILA! 



LIME for the tequila lovers! This citrusy lime chaser is perfect for any tequila shot and is even more potent and delicious than a real lime! 

Lip Chaser Lime 3-Pack

CHERRY the universal chaser! Cherry goes on smooth and gives users a strong kick to kill the taste of any shot. Goes best with vodkas  and whiskeys. 


Lip Chaser Cherry 3-Pack